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Tĥę Ѕсдŗ¥ ΜойšťēŘ

Posted by gaajm on May 1, 2007

I freaked out and dropped the knife on my moms new carpet. I backed away from the window. I looked in the corner of the dark room and saw a figure with two bodies, one leg, and one head. At that moment I was white. My heart was pounding. Shivers went down my spine. The figure fell over onto the floor. I ran down the hallway screaming like a girl. When I screamed I heard my neighbors waking up. They saw me run into the kitchen to grab a knife. When they saw me they ran across the yard to my door. I let them in and showed them the figure. They tried to turn on the light but it wouldn’t turn on. The T.V. turned off. The whole house was dark. The floor was flooded with water now and the figure didn’t move. I threw the knife at it but it still didn’t make a sound. When my parents got home they saw the water all over the floor. They ran upstairs and saw me with the neighbors hiding behind a drawer. They saw that the window was open. The lights turned on and the figure just turned out to be a coat hanger!


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Endanged Animal

Posted by gaajm on April 19, 2007

I am the one and only rhino. I am very lucky I wasn’t hunted down by hunters. I don’t know why they killed every one of my species. Since I am the only rhino in the world I am being haunted down by them. They might cut my head off and hang it on a wall. They could send me to a zoo and put me in a cage where they can mock me by throwing garbage at me. They might just kill me for fun. But if I am the only rhino in the world they should treat me with respect. If I were a girl rhino I would have children so they can have children then there children will have children and so on. I wouldn’t be the only rhino anymore. That would be wired if I started a whole new generation of rhino’s.Uh oh! I hear them coming! Gotta run!

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$$David and Goliath$$

Posted by gaajm on March 29, 2007

David was a small, shepherd boy who worshiped God. He was the youngest one in his family. His fathers name was Jesse and he had eight sons that were at battle with the Philistines. Goliath was a giant warrior who worshiped Heathen gods. He too was in the battle. David always had his slingshot with him when he was watching the sheep. Goliath had armour and a sword when he was in battle. Davids father Jesse sent him to go to the battle field and bring his brothers some food. When he got there he saw Goliath. Goliath was calling for one of the Israelites to come out and fight him. All the men were scared. So David said he would fight him. He went to the brook and picked up five of the smoothest stones. Goliath made fun of David by saying mean things to him. David put one of the rocks in his slingshot. He twirled it around his head and shot it. The rock flew across the blue sky and hit the big giant in the middle of his head. Goliath fell to the ground dead. Goliath lost the battle with all his armour and his sword. David won the battle with God! David was anointed with oil and became King.


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$$Blog 4 Hatchet$$

Posted by gaajm on March 7, 2007

Brian was a city-boy before the plane crashed. He didn’t know anything about the wilderness and he didn’t know how to survive in the wilderness. A few days after the crash he gathered all the things he needed to survive. He later got used to the wilderness. He heard differently and he saw differently. He was changed at that time. ” ….None of that used to be in Brian and now it was a part of him, a changed part of him, a grown part of him….”.


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Show-Not-Tell- Paragraph Review

Posted by gaajm on February 8, 2007

In my room under my bunk bed in the corner our little puppy was nervously hiding. Being frightened by the fireworks the puppy ran around like a tasmanian devil. Kimme and i looked at each other with sadness. I felt so soryy for the puppy. We put him on our bed. we wondered what we can do to make Buddy fell better. “I know what we can!”yelled Kimme as she went down the stairsd to get the leash. “Well take Buddy to the park where there are no fireworks.”As we arived at the park, a band was playing very loud in front of a gray stage that was in front of some flowers. We let Buddy run around and sniff the flowers while we went to the playground and played on the big, black tire swing.
srry guys but this post is still under construction…… 🙂 😦 😉 😛








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$$December 20 Blog$$

Posted by gaajm on December 20, 2006

My Christmas Traditions


Christmas Trees


One of the traditions for Christmas is that I decorate a Christmas tree. The decorated Christmas tree started in the 7th century. A monk from Crediton, Devonshire went to Germany to tell people about God. He did many things there. He spent most of his time in Thuringia. This place was where they were going to make The Christmas Decoration Industry. He used the triangular shape of the Fir Tree. The three sides meant God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Most people there thought the Fir Tree was God’s tree. In the 12th the fir tree was being hung upside down from ceilings at Christmas time in Europe for a symbol of Christianity. The first decorated Christmas tree was at Latvia in 1510. In the 16th century Martin Luther said you should have a small decorated Christmas tree with candles. It showed his children how the stars twinkle at night time. This is how the decorated Christmas tree started.


Christmas Lights


Another tradition that I do is that I put up Christmas lights. Eward Johnson was the one that had invented the Christmas tree light bulbs. He set up his tree that was hand wired with 80 red, white, and blue lights that are the size of walnuts. When people heard that he put lights on his tree, businesses started making some too. Christmas lights were to expensive for an average person. Lights weren’t that popular yet. The U.S. president at that time bought Christmas lights for the tree in the white house. After that people started buying lights but only for inside their houses. It was most popular in the U.S. Sandiego and New York City were the first places to have lights. Over a period of time, Christmas lights were put in different parts of the houses. Not only the Christmas tree. Soon lights were put on doors, shudders, and porch railings for homes and businesses. Later on, city skyscrapers were being decorated. Thanks to Edward Johnson’s idea of Christmas lights.


Carol Singing


I also like to go Caroling. The word carol was started by the French word Caroller. It was a type of circle dance that the French did on special occasions. The carol was a popular dance song from the 1150’s. In modern times the songs that were called carols are now called songs (Especially Christmas Song’s). Even those that retain the traditional attributes of a carol- celebrating a seasonal topic, alternating verses and chorus, and danceable music. Some writers of carols, like George Woodword, who wrote Ding Dong Merrily on High, and William Morris, who wrote Masters in this Hall changed it to a different style. Christmas Carols that my family sings are O Holy Night, The First Noel, Gloria in Excelsis Deo, Deck The Halls, Little Drummer Boy, O Come All Ye Faithful, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Silent Night, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Jingle Bells Joy to The World and lots more! We also have Filipino Christmas carols. Two of them are Payapang Daigdig and Himig Pasko. I like Caroling.


These traditions make Christmas a little brighter. If we didnt put up a decorated Christmas tree peoples living rooms would be all plain. If we didnt put up Christmas lights peoples houses would be all dark and gloomy on Christmas day. If we didnt sing carols Christmas would be all quiet. If Jesus wasnt born here on earth we wouldnt even have Christmas. I thank God that he came to this earth to live and die for us!

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October 30 Blog

Posted by gaajm on October 30, 2006



I do not think we should celebrate Halloween. I think if you celebrate Halloween you are worshiping demons and devils. People think that on Halloween demons come out at night time. Lots of people where costumes of monsters, devils, demons, and ghosts to protect themselves from demons. I think trick or treating is bad. People could get alot of cavities and get sick from all the lollipops, caramels, candy, and chocolate. If someone was going to do something for Halloween they should go can collecting with their friends or with their church. When you get the cans you should donate them to a food bank. I do not celebrate Halloween. I would rather stay home and worship God!

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$$October 22 Blog$$

Posted by gaajm on October 25, 2006

My Favorite Bible Character


My favorite bible character is Jesus. Jesus is my favorite bible character because he can heal people. He can raise people from the dead. He can take demons out of people. One time when Jesus was in a boat with his disciples, there was a big storm. The disciples were calling Jesus to help them but he was asleep. When one of his disciples woke him up Jesus went to the edge of the boat and said, “Be still”, and the water became calm. My favorite story of Jesus was when he fed more then a hundred people with only five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus died for everyone. He forgave our sins. After Jesus died he rose again. I like Jesus.

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$$Week 3 Blog$$

Posted by gaajm on September 21, 2006

I use iRivers, iPod’s’ CD’s, DVD’s, XBOX, PS2, Game Cube, and Internet. I use iRivers when i’m hiking, and when i’m walking around the house. I use CD’s and DVD’s when I’m in the car. I use my XBOX, Game Cube, PS2, and the Internet on the weekends when I’m done all my homework and my chores. If iRiver’s,iPod’s, CD’s, and DVD’s didn’t exist I wouldn’t have any music. If there wasn’t XBOX, Game Cube, PS2, or Internet I would be bored on the weekends, and I wont be able to play my favourite games. I’m glad they do exist!

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Hello world!

Posted by gaajm on September 15, 2006

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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