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October 30 Blog

Posted by gaajm on October 30, 2006



I do not think we should celebrate Halloween. I think if you celebrate Halloween you are worshiping demons and devils. People think that on Halloween demons come out at night time. Lots of people where costumes of monsters, devils, demons, and ghosts to protect themselves from demons. I think trick or treating is bad. People could get alot of cavities and get sick from all the lollipops, caramels, candy, and chocolate. If someone was going to do something for Halloween they should go can collecting with their friends or with their church. When you get the cans you should donate them to a food bank. I do not celebrate Halloween. I would rather stay home and worship God!


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$$October 22 Blog$$

Posted by gaajm on October 25, 2006

My Favorite Bible Character


My favorite bible character is Jesus. Jesus is my favorite bible character because he can heal people. He can raise people from the dead. He can take demons out of people. One time when Jesus was in a boat with his disciples, there was a big storm. The disciples were calling Jesus to help them but he was asleep. When one of his disciples woke him up Jesus went to the edge of the boat and said, “Be still”, and the water became calm. My favorite story of Jesus was when he fed more then a hundred people with only five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus died for everyone. He forgave our sins. After Jesus died he rose again. I like Jesus.

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