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Show-Not-Tell- Paragraph Review

Posted by gaajm on February 8, 2007

In my room under my bunk bed in the corner our little puppy was nervously hiding. Being frightened by the fireworks the puppy ran around like a tasmanian devil. Kimme and i looked at each other with sadness. I felt so soryy for the puppy. We put him on our bed. we wondered what we can do to make Buddy fell better. “I know what we can!”yelled Kimme as she went down the stairsd to get the leash. “Well take Buddy to the park where there are no fireworks.”As we arived at the park, a band was playing very loud in front of a gray stage that was in front of some flowers. We let Buddy run around and sniff the flowers while we went to the playground and played on the big, black tire swing.
srry guys but this post is still under construction…… 🙂 😦 😉 😛









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