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$$David and Goliath$$

Posted by gaajm on March 29, 2007

David was a small, shepherd boy who worshiped God. He was the youngest one in his family. His fathers name was Jesse and he had eight sons that were at battle with the Philistines. Goliath was a giant warrior who worshiped Heathen gods. He too was in the battle. David always had his slingshot with him when he was watching the sheep. Goliath had armour and a sword when he was in battle. Davids father Jesse sent him to go to the battle field and bring his brothers some food. When he got there he saw Goliath. Goliath was calling for one of the Israelites to come out and fight him. All the men were scared. So David said he would fight him. He went to the brook and picked up five of the smoothest stones. Goliath made fun of David by saying mean things to him. David put one of the rocks in his slingshot. He twirled it around his head and shot it. The rock flew across the blue sky and hit the big giant in the middle of his head. Goliath fell to the ground dead. Goliath lost the battle with all his armour and his sword. David won the battle with God! David was anointed with oil and became King.



7 Responses to “$$David and Goliath$$”

  1. gaabp said

    hiiii joe!!!
    niice site!
    luv ur bg


  2. gaakt said

    heyyyyyy joe joe!!!
    cuteeee paragraphhhh!!
    and nice bg..il ittt!!!
    well k then..
    pce 😉

  3. gaajm said

    I love ur blog Joe Joe….
    its so coolllll

  4. gaajm said

    i love comment ing myself

  5. gaakt said

    hehe..got ur cmt..
    yepp..i have alot..
    it’s a kelly thing..hehe..jks..
    yeee..soo whats new?
    pce 😉

  6. gaatl said

    nice background

  7. gaakt said

    lol tamika..what are you talking about? your soo weird..
    but dont goo sad..its a good thing to be weird..
    tehehe..dont ask about that..its a kelly thing..
    and thats a kelly line..
    eiiiii joejoe!! il your new layoutt!!
    soo cute
    well just cmting soo pce 😉
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ilyy

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