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Endanged Animal

Posted by gaajm on April 19, 2007

I am the one and only rhino. I am very lucky I wasn’t hunted down by hunters. I don’t know why they killed every one of my species. Since I am the only rhino in the world I am being haunted down by them. They might cut my head off and hang it on a wall. They could send me to a zoo and put me in a cage where they can mock me by throwing garbage at me. They might just kill me for fun. But if I am the only rhino in the world they should treat me with respect. If I were a girl rhino I would have children so they can have children then there children will have children and so on. I wouldn’t be the only rhino anymore. That would be wired if I started a whole new generation of rhino’s.Uh oh! I hear them coming! Gotta run!


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