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Tĥę Ѕсдŗ¥ ΜойšťēŘ

Posted by gaajm on May 1, 2007

I freaked out and dropped the knife on my moms new carpet. I backed away from the window. I looked in the corner of the dark room and saw a figure with two bodies, one leg, and one head. At that moment I was white. My heart was pounding. Shivers went down my spine. The figure fell over onto the floor. I ran down the hallway screaming like a girl. When I screamed I heard my neighbors waking up. They saw me run into the kitchen to grab a knife. When they saw me they ran across the yard to my door. I let them in and showed them the figure. They tried to turn on the light but it wouldn’t turn on. The T.V. turned off. The whole house was dark. The floor was flooded with water now and the figure didn’t move. I threw the knife at it but it still didn’t make a sound. When my parents got home they saw the water all over the floor. They ran upstairs and saw me with the neighbors hiding behind a drawer. They saw that the window was open. The lights turned on and the figure just turned out to be a coat hanger!


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